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Rascal Flatts


StationPlaylist Studio

Version 1.41
Date Added 2004-7-14
File Size 627 K
Limitation Expires after 30 days
License Shareware
Platform Windows all versions
Price 89.00$
Keywords low-cost, broadcast, playout, system, following, features:, Automated, Live, Assist, mode, Continuous, 24/7, play, automation, Microphone, control, Manual, &, automatic, Line-In, external, feeds, Schedule, live, sources, Supports, playing, MP3, OGG, Internet, streams, news, etc, Track, Preview, available, on, second, soundcard, Generate, Playing, Now, HTML, web, page, text, file, optionally, upload, remote, server, via, FTP, spots, events, occur, at, specific, times, Up, 48, instant, plays, carts, jingles/sound, effects, 12, personalised, per, user/announcer, login, Password, protection, changing, options, Insert, delete, move, tracks, playlist, Drag, drop, Windows, Explorer, by, searching, portion, artist, and/or, title, Automatic, time-of-day, announcement, support, audio, files, not, provided, Auto-start, automated, after, power, failure, Detailed, logging, royalty, payments, advertisement, billing, Single, keystrokes, Start, Stop, Mic, more, Uses, powerful, robust, Winamp, engine, Advanced, crossfading, professional, sound, broadcasting, free, DSP, plugins, Free, processing/audio, compressors/limiters, MP3MP2OGG, VorbisWMAWAVAIFF, CDA, formats, song, database, maintain, Fully, compatible, StationPlaylist, Creator, music, scheduler, new, playlists, created, automatically, May, run, unattended, indefinitely, newfreeware
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Description A low-cost broadcast playout system with the following features:<br /> <br /> <li> Automated and Live Assist mode. <br /> <li> Continuous 24/7 play in automation mode. <br /> <li> Microphone control. <br /> <li> Manual & automatic Line-In control for external feeds. <br /> <li> Schedule live feeds from external sources. <br /> <li> Supports playing MP3 & OGG Internet streams for news feeds etc. <br /> <li> Track Preview available on a second soundcard.<br /> <li> Generate a 'Playing Now' HTML web page or text file and optionally upload it to a remote web server via FTP. <br /> <li> Schedule spots or events to occur at specific times. <br /> <li> Up to 48 instant plays (carts) for jingles/sound effects etc. <br /> <li> 12 personalised carts per user/announcer login. <br /> <li> Password protection for changing options. <br /> <li> Insert, delete & move tracks in the live playlist. <br /> <li> Drag & drop tracks from Windows Explorer. <br /> <li> Insert tracks by searching a portion of the artist and/or title. <br /> <li> Automatic time-of-day announcement support (audio files not provided). <br /> <li> Auto-start in automated mode after power failure. <br /> <li> Detailed logging for royalty payments & advertisement billing. <br /> <li> Single keystrokes for Start, Stop, Mic and more. <br /> <li> Uses the powerful & robust Winamp audio engine. <br /> <li> Advanced automatic crossfading for a professional sound. <br /> <li> Internet broadcasting via free DSP plugins. <br /> <li> Free sound processing/audio compressors/limiters available. <br /> <li> Supports MP3,MP2,OGG Vorbis,WMA,WAV,AIFF & CDA audio file formats. <br /> <li> No song database to maintain.<br /> <li> Fully compatible with StationPlaylist Creator music scheduler. <br /> <li> Schedule new playlists to be created automatically (with Creator).<br /> <li> May run unattended in automation mode indefinitely (with Creator).
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